Sleep Apnea Treatments-CPAP Machines and Masks

Do you use a CPAP Machine? Do you have Sleep Apnea? Do you know what Sleep Apnea Is? Do you or your partner snore? If you have yes or no to any of these questions, read on.

Sleep Apnea is simply when a person stops breathing during the night and wakes up continually during the night gasping for air. This definitely includes people who snore. They do not realize they are waking up constantly during the night gasping for breath.

When these symptoms first start it can be very scary, you do not realize what is happening to you. But when you continue to do this numerous times during the night, night after night an immediate trip to the doctor is in order.

Your doctor will order a sleep study where you either spend the night at a facility or you can take the recording electronic machine home and use it in the comfort of your own bed. Once it is established you do have sleep apnea on to the next step.


You will be sent to a provider to receive your very own CPAP Machine. The CPAP machine is what I really want to talk about right now. dreamstation vs airsense 10 

The CPAP machine is a wonderful piece of modern electronics. The problem with the machine is the attached mask. This mask is fitted for your size and shape of face. Most people do not have a problem with the masks.


(1) Receive your CPAP Machine.

(2) Receive instructions on how to use it.

(3) Get fitted for your mask.

(4) Receive instructions on how to use and clean mask.


The problem lies with the people that do not fall into the perfect face category. For example: I have a small face and I breathe through my mouth. This makes me a candidate which is hard to fit. Since I have received my CPAP Machine I have tried to wear every mask on the market today.

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